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368: You don’t need a clown car for Baraboo Circus Car Show.

Show Date: 07/03/2021

(Season 15 EP 27)

This Week’s Topics:

  • You Don’t Need a Clown Car –
  • Captn Bob and Arlo in Iola
  • Best Shows are in the Midwest

You don’t need a clown car.

Ben Bromley will explain why you don’t have to bring a clown car to the Baraboo Circus Celebration Car Show. The car show is part of a fun weekend that includes access to the Circus Worlds Big Top Show, Historic Trolly Tours, A Parade of Artist Elephants and so much more. The dates are Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, July 11th. With the car show on Sunday, July 11th. – See summary below for more details.

The drive to Baraboo is worth it. The area is full of winding roads through green mountain forests with small farms throughout the valleys. It’s near the Devils Lake State Park which is one the Midwest most popular areas.

Baraboo is where the famous Ringling Brothers Circus would retreat to after performing around the world. There they would refresh the traveling circus wagons, prepare new big top acts and care for the animals.

The Baraboo Circus Car Show

Every year there is a celebration to honor what the circus brings to the area. This year they are going to add a car show. This show is open to all makes, models and years. It will be held on huge parking lot with plenty of food trucks, music by Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio – with Captn’ Bob and Arlo. There will be 3 main trophies plus an award for those competing for the Young Gun awarded from Captn Bob and Arlo. Throughout the community will be large scale sculptures decorated by renowned artist.

Car Show Summary:
Sunday, July 11th, 2021
10 am to 3 pm
Slumberland, 315 West Pine Street, Baraboo, WI Google MAP
$10 (per vehicle owner)
1st 100 registered cars receive a goody bag
Contact Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce at 608-356-8333.
See their website…

Ben Bromley is the Marketing and Tourism Coordinator for the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce.

Captn Bob and Arlo in Iola, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio team at the Iola Car Show and Swap meet from Thursday, July 8th through Saturday, July 10th. You can find them near the one-and-only white tower located on the grounds. Late Saturday afternoon the will be the MC’s for the “Cruise Out” where you can participate in parading through the fairgrounds.

This event continues to be voted in the top 10 by automotive enthusiast throughout the USA.

The entire 300+ acres will be used for over 4 thousand vendor spots that are automotive related. It is so huge that Iola prints an extensive catalog which organizes the vendors with detailed maps to find them. For those that are cel phone savvy they made available specialized phone app that will include a unique GPS locator. This means you will type in a specific part or vendor and it will guide you to that spot. Saving you time as you navigate through rows of cool stuff.

The Car Show will be all days and is situated in special area alongside the swap area. This is not a competitive show, so you can chill and enjoy the sea of cars, trucks and motorcycles. You will receive a commemorative dash plaque for participating.

However, there is a special theme – “The 70’s” show. If you have a car that fits the groovy period theme of 1970 to 1979 you will be asked to park in a designated area. You should pre-register your vehicle to make sure make sure you are included in this theme. It’s will be so 70’s that one of the Brady Bunch kids will be there checking them out. Barry Williams who played Greg Brady will be there.

Click here for full car show description.

Do you have a favorite celebrity?
Here is who will be there – as of June, 2021
Barry Williams
Don “Big Daddy” Garlits
Jo Coddington
Gene Winfield
Ian Roussel
Linda Vaughn
Bruce Larson
Captn Bob and Arlo
Greg and Leah Stelse
Emily and Aaron’s Flying Sparks Garage
Von Hot Rod

And there are more things to do at the Iola Car Show and Swap Meet. There are national manufactures, a music stage with music by the Doo-Wop DaddiesWes Brown BandBoomBoxx BandTony “Elvis” Rocker, a hobby room, car corral, in-door museum, and a very cool pub.

Check out the Iola website for all the details…

The Best Car Shows are in the Midwest.

OK… we don’t want to offend those on the east and west coast… but there can be over 30 car shows on one day and a couple of cruise locations every night.

These shows can be everything from vintage drag racing to smoky burn out contests to drifting completions to NSCAR racing to celebrity packed hangouts and thousands of vendor swap sites. Motor enthusiast can enjoy super cars, classics, hot rods, T lizzies, resto mods, older and modern muscle, rat rods and more. Whether it be over a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone everyone enjoys the automotive culture.

Still don’t believe it. Then check out our WHRR Car Show Event Calendar.

What can we say! Just go to our extensive car show even calendar and check it out.  We try our best to assure the information is accurate. You can view each show which includes the show flyer, important categories, location and contact information.

You can search through the inventory by name, date and location.

You can view a complete list or view it by the week or by the month.

Still not sure. Then check out a large collection of photos taken during many of the events. All car show albums are the collection of Richie Jaeschke who has been know to photograph over 70 thousand photos in a year.

View all the albums by clicking here…

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