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352: What the HELL is going on?

Show Date: 03/13/2021

(Season 15 EP 11)

This Week’s Topics:

“Another car show cancelled! Their car show is listed…but the promoters said they aren’t having one! The car show changed locations again!”


This week’s topic will center on what the hell is going on. To help we will have Paul Adamec in the studio talking about his annual The Southeastern Wisconsin All Car Club Meeting. Car Clubs and promoters come to share information about car shows throughout the Midwest. (yeh, we know… just because it’s labeled Southeastern… everyone is welcome to come.) This event is being held Sunday, March 21st at the Knights of Columbus in South Milwaukee, WI. Click for more info…

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s event calendar is constantly monitored. If we see a show being announced on Facebook – doesn’t always mean it’s actually going to happen. We take the time to do the homework and make the phone calls to confirm the show before it gets posted. Recently, a popular event was listed, on Facebook, that it was cancelled. False News! The event is still moving forward and the promoters are still working hard on making this event the best. This was a hack job to discredit the promoters.

In addition, we have uncovered that certain websites and search engines are simply “rotating” the shows from one year to another.

Since 2007 Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio has been working hard in providing the most accurate listing. We weren’t the first to start an internet listing for cars shows – but – we have always taken pride in what it is listed. We keep updating the software to offer the most ways to view the information.

Notes on how to best use our listing.

We keep updating the software to offer the most ways to view the information. When you first go to the listing, it will default to what is happening within a few days. By selecting on one of the red blocks you can change the view to “View Today’s Events” which will list only the days events. Click the “View This Week’s Events” and it post only those listed in the current week. For those that what to see then entire month – simply click – “View This Month’s Events”. Now it should be noted that it will show event titles. However, if you move your mouse over a title – a window will appear with a brief description. Just click that title to see the full description. And lastly, you can select to see on a map where the shows are going to be held. So if you want to see what’s happening near you. Again, move your mouse over the title to see the brief description and so forth. There is a convenient search bar so you won’t have to scan through hundreds of events. You can search by date, keyword (title) or location. Cool Beans… Right!

Oh wait there is more! If you go up to the main menu and move your mouse over “Events” – you will see that you can go directly to where Captn’ Bob and Arlo will be appearing at, Car Shows, Cruise Nights, Motorcycle Shows, On Going Events (like museums) and where to submit your event.

Check out our listing…

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