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341: Merry Christmas – Sharing a miracle with Bob Bennett

Show Date: 12/26/2020

(Season 14 EP 51)

This week’s topics:

Merry Christmas

Special guest: Bob Bennett

We thought what better way to share Christmas than with a true story of a miracle with our listeners. That story is about Bob Bennett who is the owner of Bennett Coachworks. Many of you keep asking us how he is doing since his tragic health issue that left him paralyzed from his neck to his toes. It was late fall when he noticed his feet weren’t cooperating – causing him to lose his balance. But he was determined to get the car on the trailer. Then he noticed he couldn’t grip the straps tightly, they would just slide through his hands like butter.

By the time he made it to the hospital he was unable to breath from the weight of his lungs collapsing.

They were quick to diagnose that he was inflected with Guillian-Barre Symptom. A fast-acting onset of numbness, weakness and often paralysis of all areas of the body. They were able to stop the progression. However, it had already traveled up to one side of his face.

Hear his story – as documented in a regional Emmy winning documentary – of his determination to regain full function of his body.

Bob Bennett is an international coach builder, classic restorer, automotive developer, drag racer and hot rod fanatic. His shop – Bennett Coachworks – is located in the heart of Milwaukee, WI. He has been a sponsor of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio since 2008.

The Dennis Worthy Treasury Hunter’s Toy Collection auction is now open.

This is the 1st of 3 online toy auctions.

Recently, Dennis’s car collection was auctioned at the Mecum Auto Auction held in Indiana.  Since then, the family has been preparing his massive toy collection for auction. Including Buddy L., Dinky, Hot Wheels, Hubley, Kingsbury, Marx, Matchbox, Nylint, Vintage Press Steel, Stucto, Tether Cars, Tonka, Tooties Toys, Tri-Ang, Wyandotte and more.  

It should be noted there will be a Worthy commissioned 2001 Arlen Ness Antique Sportster with side car available.

Dennis’s charity works include supporting Pinstripe Legends and the Milwaukee World of Wheels.

For complete details…

Changing the air in the compressor to Winter Air.

Everyone has heard of these funny stories. Getting someone to believe the air must be changed to reflect the surrounding climate. You know – stories of what color brake fluid you should use. Or getting someone to chase down steam to blow the noon whistle.

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