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314: Are car shows canceled or not?

Show Date: 06/20/2020

(Season 14: EP 25)


There seems to be a lot of guessing about whether a car show is on or off. Which is understandable because we are all getting tired of this COVID thing messing with our car shows. Some shows are canceled and pledging to come back next year. Then there are some who are rescheduled for later in the summer, but still feel un-confident about whether that is going work. Some promoters are left with no choice but to re-book their event on a date because it was the only one available. Therefore, they might appear to be competing with another show on the same date. We have several shows that are providing a condense version of their shows in the hopes of salvaging something for all the charities they support.


All it takes is someone saying “Hey did you hear that car show was canceled?” From there it spreads out into the car community without knowing if it’s true or not. And before you know it the rumor becomes the truth.  In some cases, the promoter of the show is the last one to hear about the rumor and by then it’s to late change the mindsets.

Fake News:

This is intentional sabotage. Recently, some individuals have misrepresented themselves as a promoter. Using a show’s image and then modifying it to announce a show has been canceled. When the show is still going to happen. It’s frustrating for the show’s promoter to understand why someone would do this. And it’s frustrating for the charities the show supports. And it’s frustrating for those that enjoy going to the show.


For those that are complaining that the promoters don’t have any moxie and are just bending to some political whim need to be aware of what’s going on.  During these times of pandemic many promoters are struggling with state government mandates, businesses – – that sponsored the show – – being closed, volunteers not willing to expose themselves, the owners of the location can no long support the event, vendors that can’t prepare in time and then there is the scary issue of liability. It’s not about what you believe should happen, but about what the promoter is faced with.

Rebels with a cause:

We have a few rebels out there and God Bless them and their endeavors. We should be proud of those that are forging ahead with their show and do everything we can to support them. They are under tremendous strain and constant worry. They are putting their own monies and reputation into something that might be called off in the 11th hour by a state or county representative.

We are here:

We, at Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio are doing everything we can to have the car show listing up to date. We learned that we can’t rely on rumors or even those that claim – – “I know someone who knows someone…”. So, we are being proactive in making phone calls directly to the promoter listed on the flyer or in the contact info listed on our website. We recommend checking our website daily or hourly. In addition, we recommend you call them yourselves. We just found one that the promoter never got approval from the faculty manager of the place listed on the flyer. They will work it out.

Let’s all work together on this. Send us anything you are hearing and we will do our best to check it out. Send it to: or leave a message on the WHRR line at: 414-215-9577. Thanks.


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