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308: Stacey David, GEARZ TV Show and Bob Bennett, Bennett Coachworks

Show Date: 05/09/2020

(Season 14 EP 19) Saturday mornings from 9 to 10 am on the FONZ fm

Two very popular guests: Stacey David from the long running GEARZ TV show and Bob Bennett who is owner and operator of Bennett Coachworks.

Stacey David has been a long time friend of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio. Since he attended our 5-year anniversary of being on the air. We held a big car show along and collected old Hot Rod Magazines for the veterans in nursing home.

Stacey is first – a gear head. Second – he is an automotive media giant. With his long running TV show GEARZ and being the leader of the GEAR Nation, he manages a production company, produces the shows, provides weekly short video seminars, host a popular podcast and is able to customize cars, trucks, bikes, guitars and mudswamp things.

He’s will be on our show talking about how car communities could take a lesson from the Wisconsin people, his views on what’s going to happen to the car show scene after the virus has been lifted and his continued battle to get the title to Captn’ Bob’s 69 Charger.

To to Stacey David’s website

Bob Bennett will be our second guest. He wants to assure everyone that his shop is still up and running – even with the state’s “stay at home” ordinance.

He is known as a premier hot rod builder, Pebble Beach winner, car designer, massive horse power expert and a road racing champion.

The shop has implemented a safe environment for the employees. They’ve been practicing this for a long time. They offer pick up and drop off service for any vehicle. Every project can be carefully monitor by the client from the convenience of their home or office.

Check out Bennett Coachworks website.


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