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270: Nation Of Patriots Car and Motorcycle Show.

Show Date: 08/17/2019

(Season 13, EP 33)

Guest Bill Sherer, Founder and Executive Director for the Nation of Patriots non-profit organization.

Note: To help raise funds and awareness a car and motorcycle show will be held Saturday, August 24th at Greenfield, Wisconsin’s Konkel Park. Captn’ Bob and Arlo will be there. Click here for more information….

The Nation of Patriots work on a national level to promote the awareness of and financially support the physical, emotional, and economic misfortune that our wounded veterans and their families are living with today and everyday. Click here to see Nation of Patriots website…

We work to unite Americans beneath the banner or Flag and behind the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. We raise money through our national network and distribute it directly to the families we strive to support. The families are selected for us mostly through the VA Hospital network.

We are a 100% volunteer nonprofit. We give 100% of all donations received directly to the veterans we strive to help. We work with VA facilities and many other veteran organizations to help us locate and select the veteran families based on specific criteria.

Bill will talk about an amazing motorcycle tour where bikers set out on 15-thousand mile journey for veterans. They carry the American Flag throughout all of the United States. With set destinations each group meets and hands off the same flag that started here in Wisconsin. Here is the full schedule if you would like to witness or participate…