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268: Concours d’ Elegance with Show-n-Glow Paddock.

Show Date: 08/03/2019

(Season 13 EP 31)

This year’s Show-n-Glow Paddock will demonstrate it’s commitment to all car enthusiasts. Each year they keep improving the show based on listening sessions with past and future participates.

You should know that the Show-n-Glow Paddock is in conjunction with Milwaukee Concours d’ Elegance. This is a world premier automotive event that include historical vehicles from the world. You will never see these anywhere in the Midwest. Only at events like Pebbles Beach and Amelia Island concours.

We will have Micheal, Carol and David in the studio talking about the changes made this year for the Show-n-Glow Paddock. For many that have attended enjoy the show. However, they felt the layout of the field and location needed to be reviewed. For this year – the committee – completely reshaped the field. The Show-n-Glow vehicles will be positioned similar to the Concours. The lines for the field will be arched to mimic the Concours.

This year Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will be more involved in both events. In addition, they will be providing the tunes.

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To read more information about the Concours d’ Elegance