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264: Two Great Guests

Show Date: 07/06/2019

(Season 13 EP 27)

We will be interviewing two great guests.

Phillip Georges
First we will be going inside the Gruber Law office which everyone knows by the catchy slogan “One Call, That’s All. We will be talking with personal attorney Phillip Georges. They specialize in car and motorcycle accidents and Phillip has plenty of advice for many of us who love them both. We believe that he is a motorcycle nut – so he appreciates the close calls and mishaps that can happen when catching some wind.

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Stan Johnson
Then we will be talking with a true gear head who – even though his driver license says he’s over 70 + years of age – still acts as an 16 year old. His name is Stan Johnson who made a career as an Industrial Designer and made his life about speed. He participates at the Bonneville Salt Flats and runs down the drag-strip in his own creations. Stan believes in giving back to the car community and mentoring the young. A few years ago he became a part of the Wilson Center where he produces a unique car show called Starry Night Cruisin’ Show. Here he enlist the help of young kids in judging the vehicles. You should know that he was instrumental in getting the State of Wisconsin to recognize collectible cars and motorcycles. The co-author of the bill – Dan Riedel, had the state annually recognizes the 2nd Friday in July as Vehicle Appreciation Day in Wisconsin.

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