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104: Jonathan Klinger – Milwaukee Concours d’ Elegance + Dan Riedel – Cruisin’ the Grove

Show Date: 07/30/2016

Two guests will be in the studio. Jonathan Klinger will be talking about the Milwaukee Concour’s d’ Elegance and Dan Riedel will be sharing  Elm Grove’s 4th Cruisin’ the Grove’s Car and Motorcycle Show.

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Jonathan Klinger, Hagerty Insurance

Jonathan Klinger, will join the judging corps at the 2016 Milwaukee Concours d’ Elegance. Currently, he is the Vice President of Public Relations for Hagerty, the world’s leader in classic car insurance. He has is a leading figure in classic car knowledge and supports Hagerty’s advocacy programs by introducing young people to the classic car hobby.


He was the director of development for the Automotive Restoration Program at McPherson College – the world’s only college that provides a four-year degree in Automotive Restoration. He still serves on the McPherson College Board of Trustees.

For many our Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio listeners – they might remember when he was on the show sharing his journey with a stock 1930 Ford Model A. He drove this car – as his daily driver – for an entire year. Through the tough Michigan seasons. His adventure was captured through his daily blogs.


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Elm Grove’s 4th Car and Motorcycle Show

Dan Riedel, Woller-Anger & Company

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Dan Riedel is the coordinator for one Milwaukee area’s best car shows – Elm Grove’s 4th Car and Motorcycle Show. They close off an entire main street and the setting couldn’t get any better. You will park in front of great restaurants and stores. There are always vintage cars, hot rods and street rods. Vintage motorcycles are always on display.

For more information check out Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s Car Show events calendar.