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About Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio

Captn Bob and Arlo

Here is our story

It started with a need to find car shows.

10 years ago, the only way you could find out if there was a car show - - was to leave your window open on your hot rod while parked at a car show. And at the end of the show the interior of your car was full of flyers.

Not a very effective way to promote a show or allow newer shows to grow.

We met at a new car show where only 7 cars showed up. The promoters didn’t have enough volunteers to drop flyers into windows throughout the season.

We decided there is a better way.

We bought some time on a local radio station and simply read car show flyers. In addition, we built a website that listed as many car show flyers as we could find. To find those shows we traveled across the country visiting a variety of shows. And of course, when we parked our hot rods, we left our windows rolled down.

Since then great sponsors started helping us to make sure this great service to hot rodders continued. The results have been really cool. Car show attendance grew and new shows were promoted.

After a few years, and thousands of car show flyers, we started getting noticed from other car enthusiasts across the globe. We received hundreds of emails and phone calls asking if we could share their event information. Then more people started asking us to talk more about our adventures traveling to car shows. Apparently, we made them laugh with our stories of getting lost, troubleshooting car problems and descriptions of the characters we met.

Voice to the Hot Rodder

Then we were asked by local and national car lobbyist to discuss governmental threats to our car hobby and industries. Transportation departments started discussing ways to limit driving particular vehicles. Our show became the “Voice to the Hot Rodder”. Our mission was to educate and motivate car enthusiasts to act as a collective voice.

To our surprise...

While we were sharing car show materials, fighting to protect our vehicles and sharing our crazy adventures – we received a phone call from a celebrity who asked to be interviewed. To our surprise his entire shop tuned into us every week. From there, we were introduced to other celebrities, famous builders and industry giants. Today we work with the Discovery network which include the History and Velocity channels.

Thank you

We are humbled and amazed with our journey. There are many more adventures ahead and we look forward to sharing them all with you.

Give us a call or send us an email sometime.  Click here for details

As we close each show with “Be there or be square” - we hope to see you out there at a car show.

Captn’ Bob and Arlo