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10 years ago the only way you could find out if there was a car show was to leave your window open on your hot rod. A handful of event promoters walking through lines of cars - carrying hundreds of flyers – would drop them into the front seat of your classic car. Not an efficient way to get the word out about an event.

We decided there is a better way.

Car guys listen to the radio when they are in their garage. So we pooled our own money and bought airtime on a local radio station, with streaming audio and starting producing the Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio show. We needed to find these car shows so we travel great distances in our 1941 and 1939 hot rods. Car guys are on the Internet looking for great deals so we fired up a website that lists as many car shows we can find. And car guys love to hear about other car guys. So we started sharing our “Hot Rod Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo” road trips. Then throw in social media’s power to connect with other car guys.

Since then sponsors started helping us out with their time and money. To make sure this great service to hot rodders continues. The results have been really cool.

We have listeners from around the world. Even more cool is that we have interviewed many of our heroes. Each year there are hundreds of request for us to travel to car shows and bring our entire mobile show. The website gets an average of 600,000 views a month because promoters and users trust us to accurately post their information. And people are really digging our weekly stories. In fact, several years ago we started printing commemorative posters depicting just one of the years greatest stories.  We have a huge number of subscribers for our weekly newsletter where they get updates on car shows.

And now we are making our own "Hot Rod Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo" videos. Kinda like those commemorative posters only in motion on video. Recently, we started the "Sparkplug" video series where we asked people - who are at these shows - important questions like; "Elvis or Sinatra?" Their answers are fun and interesting.

How about a cool PODcast? We started one to. It's called "Hot Rod Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo". Yep... same name as the videos. This show is a little different than the mothership Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio. It's more about storytelling of our adventures and we throw in a few celebrities we've interviewed.

So there you have it...for now. We are committed to finding more car shows, have more Hot Rod Adventures and seek out kool kats.

Because we always say - "Be There or Be Square".

See you all out there on the road.

Captn' Bob and Arlo

COME CELEBRATE OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Saturday, August 12, 2017  - Click here for full details and how you can be a part of history!

Each year Captn Bob and Arlo pick an adventure that becomes a commemorative collector's poster. 

It's hard to pick from all the crazy, zany and stupid things that happens as they travel the country attending cool car events. From getting lost, almost being hit by a train, driving in a school bus crash derby, getting funky on tiger juice, staying in a hotel that Herman Munster wouldn't even rest in and driving with their friends in a Mad, Mad, Mad Cruise.

If you would like one - or all - of the posters go find the traveling Calypso / Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio trailer and tent. You can check the boys appearance schedule for more details.

All artwork is the copyright of Arlo Dillman and Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio, LLC

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