Hire Captn Bob and Arlo

Here is what we can do for you:


Standard Car Show Package:

Provide hours of music and entertainment.

Provide trivia contest with cool give-a-ways supplied by us or you.

Provide an interview on our popular radio show promoting to all our listeners.

Provide a prominent listing on our event listings + our appearances pages.

Provide onsite Facebook and Instagram postings.

Provide the Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio booth with the “Adventures” teardrop trailer.

Provide a table with Car Show fliers that were sent to us.

Contact us by:
calling 414-215-9477
or email us at comments@wisconsinhotrodradio.com


Additional Car Show options:

Provide Emcee hosting for your trophy / awards presentation. Cost: upon request

Provide participation in an event at your show. Cost: upon request


Appearance only package:

Maybe you just want the boys – Captn’ Bob and Arlo - at your event. Drop us a line telling us who, what, when and where.


Cool potential options:

To be determined by Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio: Provide video / audio recording on site. There is a possibility for a video to be made for the Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s “Hot Rod Adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo” and “Sparkplug”. This will appear on the website / Adventures Youtube Channel / VideoCast.

Onsite audio interviews could be recorded and posted on the
"Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio" podcast or the “Hot Rod Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo” Podcast.


Here’s how you can book Captn’ Bob and Arlo

So the first thing you must do is contact us to see if we are available. Don’t rely on our appearance listings because some shows are pending. Once your event is confirmed, you will be listed in the appropriate appearance sections of this website and our social media outlets. Along with the “Come and see the Hot Rod Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo” branding image.

The next thing is to decide which of the services you would like us for. You get to choose any of the options. Or there might be something you need us for that is not listed here. Please describe you needs and we will consider it. For instance – at the 2015 SEMA show Xtreme Fresh asked us to autograph their new line of monster car air fresheners. Another example would be getting involved with planning your next event.

You will receive a contract once it has been determined your request is possible. To guaranty the booking we must have a signed contract with payment as soon as possible.

Contact us at:
or email us at comments@wisconsinhotrodradio.com

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