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We all know we can buy stuff on the interweb. Great! But is that really the best way to find stuff. Think about it – “Does every old hot rodder know how to use the internet, beyond surfing for funny videos? Do they really want to take the time to photograph every part, then copy them onto their computer and then upload those images to a so-called trusted website? Only to see that now one cares or, better yet, to see the bidding stop at a low number.” So… is the interweb really letting you sniff out the good stuff? We think not.

The neighbor swap meet is still the way to go. Bring all your crap and lay it out on the black top. Doesn’t need to be fancy. You don’t need FACEbook to make FACE time with someone when they are standing right in front of you. You haggle. Sip coffee. And haggle some more. Cool.

And for the person looking through stuff – what better way to know if it still works or if it will fit the need – then by picking it up to examine it. Plus, you get the satisfaction of talking directly with the dude selling this crap.