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Need your opinion about the recent Wisconsin interpretation of the vehicle laws.

Posted Thursday, August 8, 2019

So… Wisconsin hot rodders are still reeling from the recent string of vehicles being pulled over and issued “fix it” tickets. And in the one case our fellow car enthusiast lost his right to drive his 32 roadster.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio has been investigating all aspects of this particular case. And the approach has been how will this impact future infractions of the law.

With the guidance of the newly formed Wisconsin Vehicle Alliance – who have been in constant contact with those issued the tickets. Captn’ Bob (WHRR) has spoken with representatives from Wisconsin State Patrol, other law enforcement officers, state legislative branch, lawyers and a judge. Bob is currently gather all those conversations and preparing them for presentation on this Blog and Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio show. (Saturdays – 9 to 10 am on Milwaukee’s Fonz FM) (The podcast version is available through this website and most podcast services; iTunes, Google Music, Stitch)

Note: Robert (Captn’ Bob) Trinastic is a former police commissioner for the City of Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Read the Wisconsin Legislature Chapter Trans 305 Standards for Vehicle Equipment.

To help the investigation this CBnA Blob is asking for what you know and what is your current opinion.