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Investigation continues with Wisconsin State Patrol.

Continuing our Wisconsin State Patrol investigation. We will share our conversations with WSP, Legislators, industry and car enthusiast. Our findings are narrowing in on a local area, why now after over 20+ years and particular interpretations with in the state’s statutes. In this briefing we will stress there is NOT a need to stop driving, owning or building a cool ride. In addition, we ask everyone to join the newly formed Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance which mission is to help protect and educate car enthusiast.

We want to thank Wisconsin’s Representative Robert Wittke for meeting with over 20 car guys. It was held in a restaurant in Racine county. He shared with us – his notes from meetings he had with State Patrol, DMV and DOT – where he spoke of our concerns for being able to drive our hot rods. They assured him that there is not a state wide push to outlaw fender-less cars – nor most hot rods.

One of the fellows sitting with Wittke was Curt Rymkus. Curt was one of the state’s initial authors of the state’s statutes governing hot rods. The discussion quickly turned to two major areas. Why now after 20+ years are the laws being interpreted differently and are the items in the laws clear enough. Wittke agreed and has decided to move forward with several action ideas.

We received this from Robert Wittke after our meeting.

“On Friday August 16th I invited a group of constituents, all car enthusiasts, to sit down with me and discuss some of the challenges they’ve experienced with law enforcement and supporting Department of Transportation as it relates to operating hobbyist vehicles on Wisconsin roads. Our discussion was a follow-up to my office’s meeting with Department of Transportation, Wisconsin State Patrol, and Division of Motor Vehicle representatives regarding issues raised by many of these constituents to multiple legislative offices.  Our get together on Friday was very informative for me and a good exchange of information.  I left with additional questions and concerns to research.  As a result, my office will be working to formulate specific action steps we can take with all stakeholders to address issues in this area. We all agree we want to see this industry continue to flourish and grow in Wisconsin.  I am confident we can address concerns in a positive way for car enthusiasts in Wisconsin and those who travel to Wisconsin so they are able to fully enjoy their hobby within  our state.” – State Representative Robert “Bob” Wittke.

This CBnA Blog explains in further detail other things discovered during our investigation. And we want to thank those that keep sending us information and those that are cooperating.

If you would like to know more and help protect your rights – join the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance. See more information…