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Colby Martin, SEMA Action Network (SANS)

Who is watching out for you and your car collection? Sometimes state and national lawmakers put forth laws that will jeopardize your ability to drive your vehicle. Colby Martin is the director of the SEMA’s Action Network. Their role is to monitor, educate and lobby to senators and congress. They continue to alert subscribers of…

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IGNITED WE STAND! Fight Unfair Automotive Laws

Guest: Coby Martin, Director of SEMA Action Network. You want to save the Bonneville Salt Flats, protect your motorized vehicles from being banned, save your rights to modify street cars and motorcycles and dedicate a national holiday for hot rodders. Then you must join the free membership of SEMA Action Network. For over 20 years…

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95: Colby Martin from SANS – SEMA Action Network

Colby Martin is the Director of SEMA Action Network (SAN). He works closely with local, state, national and global governmental agencies in protecting motor vehicle owner’s rights.     Recently, he has been fighting for clarity on the government’s in empowering the EPA to strongly regulate street cars being modified for track racing. The racing community…

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SEMA Action Network Director Colby Martin

Captn Bob saw this neat article written about/by Colby Martin, the SEMA Action Network Director. This guy used to work at SOCAL Speed Shop and is a total gear-head. The kind of person that we want leading the charge to smarter laws for hot rodders like all of us! Read the article here And check…

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