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It is a 2001 Arlen Ness Antique Sportster with Sidecar kit that Dennis had built by a local custom shop back then. He bought a new motor from the local Harley-Davidson and I have the receipt and Certificate of Origin from Harley for that and the receipt from Ness for the frame. The reason I mention the paperwork is there is no serial number or title for it so if you want to register it the paperwork needs to go to your state to apply for a homebuilt motorcycle title.
The motorcycle was shown at a few motorcycle shows in our area but has otherwise been sitting. I do not recall Dennis ever riding it. I put a new battery in it and the motor spins very well but will not start. Another friend of Dennis’s remembers Dennis saying that there is a bad wire somewhere.
The only needs I see it having are the wiring, change the fluids and the rubber handlebar grips have dried out and need to be replaced – and a good cleaning since it had been sitting for so long.

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Price: Asking $27,000