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1939 Bantam Roadster

Stan Betz”s  1939 Bantam Roadster

“A nice survivor”

This rare car runs and drives well.

 Over the years it has consistently been licensed & ready to drive.

    Stan purchased his Bantam back in 1955.  In 1962 he started to build it into a custom sprinter. At the time many of these Bantams were being striped down to a bare body shell and placed atop a Blown Hemi powered dragster chassis for the drag Strip.  Just one more reason to own one!

    This one got a brand new 1962 Chevy 4 cylinder crate motor. Stan chose Reath Automotive to put in a set of Forgedtrue pistons, counter-weighting the crank (midget racing style), balance all the internals and port the head ect.   

   An early model Jag solid axle rear with knockoff wire wheels was fitted to the Bantam springs.  MG front disk breaks and wire wheels were used with Kelly Springfield tires installed and a Corvair aluminum steering box.. A 1950 Smitty muffler was coupled to a short head pipe and tailpipe.  Powerglide trans with Hurst shifter. 

    Larry Licon smoothed out all the gennie sheet metal body and fenders in lead and adapted a 1932 Ford windshield to the cowl. Stan mixed the custom candy paint colors and Paul Knierim applied the beautiful yellow and blue candy paintjob. Von Dutch did the stripping and Don Edmunds, longtime sprint car builder fashioned a pair of aluminum bucket seats and the car was turned over to Whitey in Seal Beach to trim the interior.

A little bit about Stan Betz;

    Stan is a legend among California’s Car Culture. Growing up in the early 40s in So. Cal. Stan spent the past 7 decades involved in everything from track roadsters, lakes cars, drag racing, Indy races, rare movie props and customs.

    From his custom car louver shop in the 1950s along with his long time friendship with Mr.Von Dutch – to the founding of the Betz Speed & Color in Orange Ca in the 1960s. Stan always loved the people of cars, car builders, racing and custom painting.  

   Betz Speed & Color was Hot Roding’s source for custom candys, pearls, metal flakes and expert color-matching out into the 21st century.  It’s really a natural for the local folks to say “Stan Betz”… with a big smile. 

   Stan is well, and enjoying his recent retirement.  Stan’s truly has enjoyed this car for along time. It still runs great, and he says it’s time to pass it on, and let another owner enjoy it as much as he has.  

Date Submitted: 01/15/2020
Price: Call
Contact: Bill
Phone: 920-823-2187