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This is for cool rides like a car or motorcycle.

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Parts you would find walking around a swap meet.

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Looking for something in a ride or parts or service.

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Use the this button to submit your item or if you are looking for something via email.

Please include as much info as possible and attach your photos.

Make sure you are ready with a name for the item, a brief description with your asking price, contact information - and have several photos of the item.

Please don't use for newer vehicles or dealership needs. We want to reserve this service for customs, hot rods, classics, antiques, older muscle, bobbers, choppers and more.

Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC is not responsible for any information that is not accurate. Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC does reserve the right not to air the announcement or  no post it on this website.  Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC is not responsible for any circumstances that might prevent this announcement from being aired or posted on this website.

Please when the item is no longer for sale, please let us know.  After all you wouldn't want to be contacted if your item is already sold.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio will post your request for 90 days. If you would like it to remain on this site please contact us.

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