Ampco Vapor Lubricator SOLD

Part Description: Asking Price: $65.00
Contact: Dave
Phone: 414-573-3028
Date Submitted: February 17, 2019

The Ampco top cylinder lubricator is an oil vapor delivery device, designed to supply a mist of oil vapor to your engine’s combustion chamber – the heat/friction/wear zone. Manifold vacuum draws metered oil through a nozzle into the air/fuel mixture, which lubricates valve stems, guides, seats, rings, and cylinder bores – everywhere your crankcase oil cannot reach. As soon as your engine pulls a vacuum upon startup, it is getting the benefit of undiluted, atomized oil to the hottest parts of the engine.

The recommended lubricant for all Ampco oilers is Marvel Mystery Oil®, found at most auto parts stores. SOLD SOLD

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