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Important to read the following:

All postings are to be submitted by an  individual not affiliated with a dealer or dealership.

All vehicle postings are to be hobby only and can include such items as cars, motorcycles and trucks.

All parts postings are to be hobby in nature and can include auto, motorcycle, truck, models and such.

All wanted postings are to be about vehicles and automotive related parts. Not for looking up friends or potential friends.

Your ad may take up to 24 hours to appear on this site. It waits for approval to make sure it's content friendly.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio is not obligated nor responsible for any false information on this site. If any information proves to be false Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio has the right to remove or never post the information.

Now choose which category for your item you or for what you are looking for.

Be ready with to answer questions that will guide you.

  • Have a descriptive title for the item.
  • Have a complete description of the item.
  • Have an asking price.
  • Have all your contact information.
  • Have pictures ready to upload. You should save them as a JPEG file. You will be allowed up to 10 photos - however, you will be asked to pick the "Main Image". This image will be used as the primary image for your ad.

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