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You won’t be driving these on Wisconsin Roads.

UPDATE: May 23rd, 2019
This update is from the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance


The Dodgeville, Wis. hot rodder and his tickets June 13 court hearing will not be held.

One of the Milwaukee Wis./Waukesha Wis. hot rodders, Dennis, posted that his District Senator Kapenga would be holding a Listening Session meeting in Delafield, Wis. on May 22. Last week Dennis had contacted the Senators office about the tickets given to the Dodgeville, Wi resident for no fenders or hood on his 32 Ford 3w, the Senator’s office said they would look into the ticket situation. The Senators office also stated the Listening Session would be a good way for his constituents to express their concerns to the Senator. A group of concerned rodders showed up at the May 22 Listening Session to voice their opinion. Many of the Senator’s other constituents were there to voice their opinion about the amount of money being allowed in the newly proposed Wisconsin budget for schools and for special needs children schooling.

The first rodder to voice his opinion about the tickets was informed by Senator Kapenga the three tickets given to Dodgeville Brad and his 32 Ford coupe have been dismissed by the District Attorney of Iowa County in Wisconsin. The Senator also stated he would help us in any other issues.

After the meeting there was discussion from two very concerned Wales, Wis. rodders about forming a state wide organization to coordinate our communities efforts to preserve our rights to modify, own and drive our vehicles. They are working at laying the ground work for the organization. Any input will be welcome respond to WHRR

Because of the ticket dismissal the June 13 Dodgeville, Wis. Court hearing will not be held.

I have written confirmation that the tickets have been dismissed but, BUT Brad must have Wisconsin State Patrol inspect the 32. Brad’s 32 can’t be driven until it passes the WSP inspection. It’s not over yet!

The results of the Wisconsin State Patrol inspection are the next very important step. A WSP inspection involves the vehicle’s equipment and it’s compliance to Wisconsin Statute and Code. Also, how the vehicle is registered and licensed. WSP has revised their interpretation of Wisconsin Statute and Code as they apply to modified cars applying for registration and licensing. Again, these Statutes and Codes have not changed in 24 years, just WSP’s interpretation.

Stay tuned to WHRR for current news.

Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance.


This article has been updated Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Publisher’s comment: All car enthusiast should be on alert. This current infraction will not stop with just fender less hot rods. Read the article written by the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council.

Update: Friday, May 3rd, 2019

The status hearing for Brad, the guy who got the tickets from State Patrol for no hood or fenders on his 32 Ford, was held at the Iowa County Court House in Dodgeville Wis. 

“A status hearing is just that to check on the status of the case. It is a time to determine if the case can be plea bargained , discovery issues , or to set the case for trial . The status date is usually not the trial date”.

Brad had entered a “not guilty” plea in the past”

Two weeks ago the previous District Attorney passed away. Kinda caused some turmoil for the Court folks trying to keep everything on track. They are doing a good job.

Back to the “status hearing”. Brad was there, the judge was there, the new District Attorney was there, no State Patrol presence. The Court instructed Brad and the DA to get together and try to resolve the tickets situation. The Court said if they can not came to any agreement, they must appear in Court on June 13, 2019 at 9am to set a date for a jury trial.

The Judge or the DA gave no indication of what they thought about the legality of the tickets issued to Brad and there was not discussion about the tickets.

After the Judge set the June 13 date, everybody got up and quietly walked out of the court room. Brad and I were the last two on the way out. The Judge watched everybody walk out, began to smile and asked us “why are all those people here?” I said “we are here to support Brad, we all learned a bit more about our court system and we will return June13”. She, the Judge, did not appear upset or displeased with all of us there. When we left, the court room was empty except for the people on trial.

It was a windy, rainy, foggy day at times visibility was ¼ mile or less. 20+ hot rodders and car enthusiasts showed up in Court to support Brad. Some were local, some from the Madison area, some made a 250 mile round trip.

As instructed by the Court, Brad will contact the DA and talk with him. Not knowing what the DA has to say, I don’t know what direction this situation will take.

Wisconsin State Patrol has informed the Court the frame on Brad’s 32 is not an original frame. What the frame has to do with this situation will probably come out when Brad has discussion with the DA.

It ain’t over yet.

Many thanks to those who showed up in support of Brad. All were respectful of the situation and the Court.

And for Brad, what do you say to him for taking the time, putting a lot on the line and going into this battle for his hot rod and Wisconsin hot rodders? He has my respect and a huge, huge thank you! 

Any new developments will be posted on WHRR website.
Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council


Article posted April 23rd, 2019

Radio Program note: We will have Curt Rymkus on the Saturday, April 27th show. Make sure you tune in.

In fall 2018 a Wisconsin State Patrol officer was very active in issuing vehicle equipment violation citations or 10 day fix it tickets to owners of modified vehicles in southwestern Wisconsin around the Dodgeville, Wis. area. 30’s era hot rods without fenders or hoods were ticketed as well as 70’s era vehicles with factory equipped exhaust systems. Other incidents in 2018 indicate WSP may be focusing on older vehicles and modified vehicles. 

One of the Dodgeville hot rodders entered a” not guilty” plea to the court and will be appearing in the Dodgeville Wis. court, soon. Read on for more about the why and when.

For many years Wisconsin DOT/DMV has issued titles and registration plates to 20’s and 30’s era cars and light trucks that were not equipped with fenders and hoods. Certain Wisconsin State Statutes and Administrative Code were created in the 1990’s to enable WISDOT to recognize the auto enthusiast’s ability to improve, change and custom create motor vehicles, safely. Also, WISDOT recognized the number of these types of vehicles on Wisconsin roads and highways was minimal and highway safety was not threatened.

Numerous Wisconsin auto enthusiast groups have met with WISDMV since 1971. These meetings were a co-operative effort between WISDMV and the auto enthusiasts’ groups to maintain ongoing open communication about the titling and registration of older vehicles and modified vehicles. As issues developed, WISDMV resolved them.

Early 2016, meetings between Wisconsin State Patrol and Wisconsin auto enthusiasts had been held to clear up any misinterpretations of how the 1990’s laws were being interpreted and applied by WSP. These meetings revealed WSP’s misinterpretation of the 90’s laws was causing issues for the auto enthusiast community regarding titling, registration and vehicle equipment inspections. As the 2016 meetings progressed the WSP representative recognized the consequences of the misinterpretations. He stated that correcting the misinterpretations would require changes to be made to what was being taught at the State Patrol Academy.

Wisconsin State Patrol personnel changes in 2016 and 2017 did not bring about any changes at the State Patrol Academy and they continued to incorrectly interpret the 1990’s State Statutes and Administrative Code regarding modified vehicles. The 1990’s laws were drafted and enacted into law with full co-operation and agreement from the Wisconsin Division of State Patrol. The laws have not changed since the 1990’s. WSP’s interpretation has changed and their new interpretation is completely opposite to the intent and spirit of the 1990’s laws. 

A March, 2018 meeting was held in Madison, Wi. to discuss how to correct the misinterpretations. Attending the meeting were representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles/Vehicle Services, Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council and National Street Rod Association. Wisconsin State Patrol stated new legislation was required to change some of the 1990’s laws to conform to their new interpretations. Our community stated that the 1990’s laws had served WISDMV and the Wisconsin auto enthusiast community properly for 29 years and changing the law to comply to WSP’s interpretation was unnecessary. We stated the solution was for WSP to return to the correct interpretations of the 90’s laws and changing the laws today does not guarantee that WSP will not change their interpretation of the new law in 1 year, 5 years or? A WSP Vehicle Inspector present at the meeting stated future applicants for “replica” title status will find it difficult to qualify for a “replica” title after a WSP vehicle equipment inspection. 

Sometime after the meeting the WSP Inspector’s Superior was contacted with a request to meet and discuss an alternative resolution to the misinterpretation issue, his abrupt reply was “we have nothing to discuss”.

During 2018 problems caused by WSP activity concerning modified vehicles surfaced. Again, WSP’s newly formed interpretations of law were causing problems for the auto enthusiast community.

Then came the Wisconsin State Patrol versus the Dodgeville, Wisconsin auto enthusiast’s community. Discussions were held with the Dodgeville group about the WSP citations for modified vehicle equipment violations. Our community felt contacting the Wisconsin State Patrol Head Vehicle Inspector for clarification as to the basis for the citations would be appropriate. After much communication with the Inspector, his rescheduling of meetings, delayed return calls, no return call and the final “I am very busy doing inspections”, it was apparent the meeting wasn’t to happen.

As stated at the beginning of this article, in fall 2018, a Dodgeville, Wisconsin hot rodder was cited for operating his 1932 Ford with inadequate exhaust and given a 10 day fix it ticket to install fenders and a hood. He reviewed the State Statutes and Code and believes the citations are another WSP incorrect interpretation of Wisconsin law. He has challenged the issuance of the citations and informed the court of his “not guilty” plea. He will appear in the Dodgeville court on May 2, 9am. 

Other hot rodders from the area plan to attend. Any other interested parties are welcome to attend.

WHRR will post a follow up article after May 2.

The Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council can be contacted by email at