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Wisconsin hobbyist plates and vehicle registration has been suspended!

UPDATE: Tuesday, July 9, 2019

This update is provided by Curt Rymkus with the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council 


Most people thought with the dismissal of the tickets for the 32 not having fenders or a hood, all was over.

Not so, as directed by the Court the 32 had to be inspected by Wisconsin State Patrol. The WSP Inspector said the 32 failed the inspection because it did not have fenders and a hood. The 32’s “Hobbyist” plate registration was suspended and the 32 cannot be driven legally on Wisconsin roads. 

The 32’s owner, Brad, will contact his legislators to find out how dismissal of tickets can lead to suspension of registration.

He needs your support, this method of taking “Hobbyist” plated cars off the road demands a close look by our legislators.

All Wisconsin car enthusiasts wanting to support his efforts should contact their legislators. To find out who is your legislator go here:

It’s been proven that your calls do work.

Here are few things you might want to inform them about:

“Why are the Wisconsin State Patrol targeting DMV approved Hobbyist plated vehicles? Are you aware that the WSP has decided to profile those plates for reason’s they haven’t yet explained?”

“Your support for car enthusiast would assure that Wisconsin’s award-winning car builders can continue to build, that the million-dollar after-market parts industry can continue, that all those charitable organizations can continue to benefit from the hundreds of car events.”

“Are you aware that in 2016 the State of Wisconsin has officially approved an annual recognition of collector vehicles? It’s meaning was to include all DMV approved hobbyist vehicles. They set aside the second Friday of July as a Collector Vehicle Appreciation Day.” (This year would be Friday, July 12th)

“By supporting the WSP to continue – you are preventing potential voting constituents from selling their collector and hot rod vehicles?”

“Did you know that collector and hot rod insurer Hagerty Insurance, with hundreds of agents in the state, has statistical evidence that proves modified vehicles makes up just 0.0018% of all registered vehicles?”

Call now! Don’t wait!

registration was suspended and the 32 cannot be driven legally on Wisconsin roads.