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Update: Wisconsin Hot Rods VS State Patrol

This is an update to previous Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio (WHRR) articles regarding tickets given by the Wisconsin State Patrol to owners of modified and stock vehicles. Here is the link to the articles

This update is provided by Curt Rymkus with the Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Council – Saturday, June 15, 2019

Incident in Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Brad’s 32 Ford coupe has been inspected by Wisconsin State Patrol. The WSP Inspector will process his information thru the WSP system and will contact Brad with the results. The 32 is registered as a 1932 Ford with a title brand of “street modified” with “HOBBYIST” license plates. The Inspector indicated the title brand of “street modified” is subject for review.
Many people believe the dismissal of the tickets for no fenders and hood on the 32 were a WIN WIN  situation. The dismissal was based on the requirement that the 32 must be inspected by WSP and not driven.  

It appears this situation has gone from a vehicle equipment issue to a registration issue. Brad is wondering what’s next?  Here is a picture of Brad’s 32, he is getting anxious to drive it!

Brad’s 32 Ford Coupe

There were stories about a WSP trooper issuing other tickets for modified vehicles. Supposedly he had issued an “inadequate exhaust” citation to a guy for his 1979 “lil Red Express” pickup (attached internet photo). The pickup was came from the factory with the vertical exhaust pipes which have protective shields. I contacted the owner of the pickup, he informed me the trooper has verbally warned him a few times about the exhaust system. No ticket has been issued.

This is what a 1979 lil Red Express Pickup looks like when issued. This is not the actual truck in question.