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NEW UPDATE: AUGUST 23, 2019CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE + BLOG. New items to include meeting with state representative, conversations with State Patrol and Wisconsin Specialty Vehicle Alliance.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s Captn’ Bob has been talking to many involved in the Dodgeville area’s profiling Wisconsin car enthusiasts.

Note: Captn’ Bob – Robert Trinastic was the Police Commissioner for Greenfield, WI., a suburb of Milwaukee.

We hope to conclude our findings soon and then begin sharing with all of you. What we do know is that there are more pieces to this story then previously thought. It should be said… per our investigation… we know there are many in the policing and government bodies that agree with our view point.

Also, we – car people – have a massive voice in Wisconsin and are willing to band together.

Stay tuned into the radio show and continue to monitor our social media.

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