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For years there have many hot rod adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo told through the weekly radio show. Stories told of getting lost and ending up in someone’s driveway. The time when they were crash test dummies driving school buses around a dirt track and smashing into each other. One night – after a long day of hanging out at a car show – the boys relaxed listening to a country-western band and gulping a mixture of cool-aid and hard liquor. That ended up with Arlo searching the woods to find his pal.

Now those stories are coming to life through an brand new comic strip “Hot Rod Adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo” in the famous CARtoon Magazine. Look for issue #20 – out on shelves in April of 2019.

This strip finds the boys getting lost. Only to find the ultimate barn find. The ending of the strip will leave you somewhat batty.