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Thursday, May 14th, 2020
Stacey will be in Wisconsin for two days for the Motor Mania Car Show on July 3 and 4.
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In Stacey David’s latest podcast “Tales of a Gearhead” he takes time to thank Wisconsin car people for their kind prayers and their impromptu fundraiser.

Back story.

In early March, a bunch of car club members got together to share what’s going on in their clubs and what car shows they might be going to this summer.

Early, in the meeting, partially hosted by Captn’ Bob and Arlo, several of the guys wanted to know how they could help the victims in the devastating town of Nashville. Arlo mentioned that he had been in touch with Stacey David, who lives near the area, about how he was doing. Everyone opened up their wallets, and purses, to contribute to the citizens of Nashville.

An envelope with a picture of the group and a certified check was sent to Stacey.

Listen to this podcast to hear his reaction when he received the letter.

Captn’ Bob and Arlo are so proud to be a part of the car community.