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Friday, July 10th is Wisconsin’s Official Vehicle Appreciation Day

This article was updated July 1, 2020

Article: Wisconsin Collector Vehicle Appreciation Day

With all the fuss about what the Wisconsin State Patrol thinks of us hot rodders – let’s not forget that in 2016 the Wisconsin legislators did declare an annual special day for all collector vehicles and motorcycles. The politicians wanted to showcase Wisconsin automobile cultural and economic importance.

In fact, Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states to do this and we believe the only state to include motorcycles.

The second Friday of July has been designated as “Collector Vehicle Appreciation Day”. This year – that date would be Friday, July 10th.

We have to thank Stan Johnson and Dan Riedel for preparing documents, continuous communications and attend numerous meetings with the appropriate state representatives. They enlisted the help of Representative Ken Skowronski who became the original sponsor and then Assembly Speaker Robin Voss. It was unanimous vote by Wisconsin’s Assembly Joint Resolution 79 to recognize Collector Vehicle Appreciation Day. The broader term “vehicle” was applied in order to include all types of vehicles.

So, drive proud and appreciate what you car and motorcycle enthusiasts bring to Wisconsin.

The official plaque designating Wisconsin’s Vehicle Appreciation Day – Second Friday in July.
(L to R) 2016 – Assembly Speaker Robin Voss, Ken Skowronski, Stan Johnson, Dan Riedel.