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From using a real radio broadcast signal with the popular weekly show, globally reaching out with streaming audio features, producing two original podcasts, being on a well visited website, on the road with awesome adventures, in print with a favorite hot rod planner, having a presence at really cool event or contributing directly to your consumers – we have an approach.

Whether you are looking for someone to be a spokesperson – we have an approach:

Captn Bob and Arlo have been working to gain popularity with car enthusiasts. They have successfully formed relationships with industry leaders, celebrity car builders – TV stars – Discovery Channel, SEMA and SANS on governmental issues, work with car event promoters and more importantly working with the average car guy and gal.

Whether you use radio commercials, talking points or sponsored segments – we have an approach.

You will reach traditional listeners with their AM radio by tuning into the Milwaukee’s Saga Communications AM1340 JOY station. This traditional media approach is accepted as a legit means of reaching our audience. This is a paid block of air time so Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio controls all content and media inventory.

Whether you use streaming audio to reach globally – we have an approach

You will reach globe listeners using Saga Communication’s Streaming Audio feature. Listeners with a computer or handheld device can listen live to the radio program. We receive emails from around the world thanking us for this service.

Whether you feel the future is in Podcasting – we have an approach:

We have two original podcasts. Both offer a unique content platform to reach car and motorcycle enthusiast. Our podcasts are hosted by the reliable service with access through iTunes and other podcast applications.

The Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio show is our flagship with 10 weeks of past shows. Our listeners tell us they like to play our show during the week when they are tinkering in the garage or at the office. Plus, we archived over eight years of the weekly show.

Then there is our “Hot Rod Adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo” podcast. This is where the two will discuss in greater detail their highway adventures. In addition, it will streamline the show so you can get right to listening to cool celebrity guests, important industry issues and how to segments.

Whether you use web banners, product related articles, page sponsorships – we have an approach:

The site has been very popular. We believe that providing quality and timely content is necessary to assure retention and growth of our website while improving on our Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio brand.

Recently, we adopted robust search capabilities – like they use on Reality websites – where the user can type in search criteria and the car events marker will appear on the map. With improved fill forms our users will find it much easier to submit their important car event and swap stuff information. We will have guest content writers like Jo Coddington from American Hot Rod and many more.

Whether you use social media – we have an approach:

Of course we use Facebook and Instagram. Who doesn’t? More social outlets will be available. We also send out weekly informative emails to our subscribers. We have a YouTube channel that shows off our “Hot Rod Adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo” and “Sparkplug” segments.

Whether you use printed materials – we have an approach:

We offer a free annual Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio Calendar where people can write their own information. The information they use comes from content we provide through the radio show, website, on site materials, weekly email newsletters and our social media outlets. They have become so popular that car clubs and promoters place their orders early for their event goody bags.

Whether you are trying to place information directly to customers – we have an approach:

Your materials will be at all the shows where the WHRR Traveling Show goes. So when Captn Bob and Arlo are at a car event with their huge display – your promotional materials will be there. Directly in front of all those car show folks. An example is the Metro Molded Rubber Companies sample alongside one of their competitors. So customers can see and feel the differences.

Whether you want to help with a special event – we have an approach:

There will be plenty of unique opportunities for you to become involved with. This can be supporting a special benefit for an important need. You could be asked to support an event that offers great exposure for your company’s services.

So contact us and let’s talk. We will go over your needs and match them up with any of our approaches.

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