Barn Find Hunter number 7

September 29, 2016

Hagerty just keeps knocking it out of the park with great videos and content. Here is the new episode of Barn Find Hunter  

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Ladies driving around the world

September 28, 2016

Clarenore Stinnes was the first lady to drive around the world in 1927 driving an Adler. Heidi Heitzer is out and about in a Hispano Suiza and a Hudson doing the same now – she has the coolest car shaped purse. (Check it out – i found Heidi’s instragram account)

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Pur Sang Bugatti and Alfa replicas

September 27, 2016

These guys are building exact replicas of Bugatti’s and Alfa’s. Establecimiento PurSang Jay has the real thing but checked out one of Pur Sang’s Bugatti’s And Matt Farah tries out the Alfa 8C replica

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Music Video Monday – Hot Road Band

September 26, 2016

This week the band is from Hungary – the Hot Road Band – you can catch their website here and their Facebook page here  

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Model World – Behind the Scenes

September 25, 2016

#9 Model World-Behind the Scenes  Article submitted by Kathy Stout  Many of us enjoy going to car shows & contest, model shows , contest and NNL’S.  But do any of us realize what it takes to put one of these together?  I can tell you from experience it can take months or even a year from their last…

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2016 Mascot/Hood Ornament Auction

September 25, 2016

Sorry Folks – I missed this one before it happened. Bonhams Auction House had another Mascot/Hood Ornament Auction (you can check out some lovelies from my article last year here). So this one happened already so I am including prices that they sold for. Skinny Bibendum (Michelen Man) from 1910 went for $5189    …

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And now…for something completely different…

September 24, 2016

For those of you who have grown up with video games here is quite a fun one, Nick and Griffin do a walk through/play through/crash through of BeamNG. It is kind of funny while kind of relaxing at the same time… (some simulated wrecks are a bit graphic – you have been warned)

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Friday Drive In – Bikini Beach

September 23, 2016

You are correct, it is not necessarily a Hot Rod movie – but – there are a lot of cars in these beach/surf/fun movies from the 60’s. Check out the Dodge Power wagon they converted into a beach trolley in the opening credits (please do not ride on the front bumper of any vehicle!!!!), and…

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Captn’ Bob and Arlo Heading to SEMA 2016

September 22, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Michelle Knight/MK Communications Consulting, LLC. 913-915-4303/ RADIO CELEBRITIES HEADED TO SEMA 2016 Radio Hosts Captain Bob and Arlo will be onsite at SEMA 2016 interviewing television celebrities and automotive legends for their weekly show, Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio. (Sept., 2016)— Radio hosts Captain Bob and Arlo will be on site at the…

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Dear Santa…Candylab Toys

September 22, 2016

These toys are too damn cool – Get them for your kids! Get them for your self! Every body needs these to play with on their desk (or the floor…). They have some available for sale now and are raising money on KickStarter to make some more and to also make building blocks so you…

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Vintage Racing at Road America

September 21, 2016

I was bummed to miss any car related fun this weekend (high point of it for me was an information architecture seminar on Sunday). So I had to find something on the old Tube of the You to cheer me up this morning. In honor of missing the Fall Vintage at Road America I found…

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[HOONIGAN] Gymkhana IX

September 20, 2016

That’s right folks – Ken Block’s video’d torture of tires has met the 9th installment mark. Here for your tire smoking enjoyment; Gymkhana 9 (I wonder how many tires they go through in the making of these videos…)

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Music Video Monday – WiseGuyz

September 19, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, Today I submit for your hot rod music ear buds the WiseGuyz from Kharkov Ukraine. You can learn more about them on their FaceBook page

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Friday Drive In: The Man from Planet X

September 16, 2016

I am changing it up this week, not a hot rod flick but cool none the less. For your viewing pleasure I present The Man From Planet X. (Just in case you would like to read up on it, here is the Man from Planet X entry on Wikipedia)

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Lost and Found

September 15, 2016

So, I have been posting vintage videos and movies about hot rod culture for some time now. Today I dug up a real oldy – definitely early to mid 30’s. Lots of cars and a morality story also (not only am I feeding your vintage hot tod hunger, also looking out for your soul). Most…

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Rob Ida’s 40 Merc

September 14, 2016

I came across Rob Ida a while ago as he was in the Tucker world. For last year’s SEMA show he put together a pretty nice Merc Custom. Here are a couple videos by Motor House Media. I really dig the last vid as it shows the details that Rob put into this thing –…

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Virginia’s Harley: A Girl’s Bike

September 13, 2016

Vintage Harleys are not the sole domain of men…  

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Music Video Monday – The Cellmates

September 12, 2016

Last week it was Germany, this week it is Slovakia, rockabilly is an international music format. The Cellmates from Bratislava know how to get the ladies dancing. You can check out the Cellmates website here and their FaceBook page here

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Who you gonna call?

September 11, 2016

theAFICIANAUTO stops by Sony does a quick walk around of the original ECTO 1 and the new one from the latest Gohstbusters film.

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Friday Drive In – Thunder and Lightning

September 9, 2016

Hmmmm…. the 70’s were a rather odd time for stuff including movies. Watch out – some of the dialog can be a bit rough. David Carradine Sterling Holloway (Winnie the Pooh) and Kate Jackson (with a southern drawl) star along with some interesting vehicles swamp buggies, mud bog runners, corvettes etc. Here for your 70’s…

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