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Capt’n Bob, Dave Smith from Factory Five, Al Toon, and Arlo
November 22, 2015

Dave Smith is the president at Factory Five, makers of AWESOME Cobra, Cobra Daytona, 33 Ford, GT Racer and now Subaru ba …

November 21, 2015

Just a quick reminder – This Sunday is to be Jeff Gordon’s last NASCAR Sprint Cup race. While this writer is not a NASCA …

Rick Dores Aquarius
November 20, 2015

Yup, it is an old article – sorry. BUT! our good friend Rick Dore’s amazing build, the Aquarius for James Hetfield from …

GoodGuys Ford Explorer - design by Del Swanson
November 19, 2015

Our good buddy has been at it again – check out this cool rendering: GoodGuys Ford Explorer – design by Del Swanson Now …

Winning Documentary Paul Newman
November 19, 2015

Check it out – Adam Carolla directed a documentary about Paul Newman and his life off-screen as a really good race car d …

Jeff Williams The King of Paint
November 19, 2015

Hey Folks – want to learn how to Pinstripe? Want to learn how to hand-paint letters like the old sign painters do? Our g …

November 14, 2015

Here is a statement from SEMA Congratulations on being named a 2015 Global Media Award Winner! Express Scent is among an …

November 14, 2015

Press Release submitted by Bob Bennett, Bennett Coachworks, LLC Is proud to announce Bob Bennett and the guys at Bennett …

November 12, 2015

I know – this is not exactly Hot Rod related – BUT – World War 2 airplane nose art is just plain cool and a part of the …

Captn Bob with Jo Coddington SEMA 2015
November 8, 2015

Yeah, so this is after the fact – I just found the pictures and had to share them as we know you are all fans of our goo …

Captn Bob and Arlo with Stan Johnson SEMA 2015
November 7, 2015

You are being warned – Captn Bob and Arlo are on their way back – Run, Hide! Seriously folks, they had a great time, met …

Captn Bob and Arlo with Barry Mequiar SEMA 2015
November 6, 2015

Captn Bob and Arlo ran into more friends of the show. Slick and Stacey David are also having a grand time at the show. R …
November 5, 2015

Our Great Friends John Wells and Max Grundy doing Great Things for Great People. I am sure we will be telling you guys m …

Barris crest by Del Swanson
November 5, 2015

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, George Barris has passed away. …

Captn Bob and Arlo at Metro SUPERsoft booth SEMA 2015
November 5, 2015

The boys are at SEMA and having a great time. They are hooking up with old friends and making new ones. Hopefully there …

October 28, 2015

Submitted by: Thomas Weatherston, State Representative, 62nd District Dear Car Club Enthusiasts, Would you like to legal …

October 16, 2015

The guys will be hanging out in the Craftsman booth at this years SEMA convention.

October 16, 2015

  We listened to everyone about how to improve our popular website. We have been working real hard with Christopher …

October 16, 2015

Sparkplug is about “sparking” a conversation with car people. We set out to ask questions of those attending car events. …

October 16, 2015

The Boys will be hanging out in the  XtremeFresh booth at this year’s SEMA convention. XtremeFresh will be introducing t …

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