The Barn Find Hunter

Barn Find Hunter number 11

January 19, 2017
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Mooneyes x-mas party 2016

January 18, 2017

December = Mooneyes! In the beginning of the month they host the Yokohama Hot Rod and Custom show in Japan and then mid month they have the XMas Party Show and Drag at Irwindale. Special thanks to the Hoonigan crew for taking some vid of the show.

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SEMA time lapse

January 17, 2017

Oh the trials and tribulations of covering the SEMA show for all of you in the interweb lands. Captn Bob, Arlo, Beth and Richie walked miles and miles and fought the crazy crowds to bring interviews with the stars and get the scoop on the latest products for your hot rods. Driving Sports TV took…

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Model World – The History of the Model Kit

January 16, 2017

#13 MODEL WORLD – The History of the Model Kit by Kathy Stout January 16, 2017 The history of model making goes all the way back to Egyptians. Models of buildings, furniture and boats were carved out of wood scraps. New tools and machines were developed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries copying large machines like…

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Music Video Monday – The Limit Club

January 16, 2017

The Limit Club is a psychobilly band out of Phoenix, Arizona. Check out their website here and their Facebook page

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Jay Leno's Garage featuring the Ring Brothers 1969 Chevrolet G-Code Camaro

Jay Leno’s Garage and the Ring Brothers

January 15, 2017

If you listened to yesterday’s radio show or the podcast you will have heard us talking to Jay Leno and one of the topics we discussed was the Ring Brothers. So here is the latest car that the brothers took to Jay’s garage to show off. 1969 Chevrolet G-Code Camaro – you gotta love the…

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Early Motorcycle Manufacturing

January 14, 2017

So, ever see a restored vintage motorcycle and think “there is not too much there, I could make one from scratch”? Well to answer that itch, i went and found a film on the early manufacturing of motorcycles. This video shows the creation of a Rover Imperial motorcycle. These were made in England from 1903…

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Friday Drive In – High School Caesar

January 13, 2017

New years resolutions come and go. Should I lose weight? Should I finish that project car? Should I get healthy? Should I attend more car shows? The answers to all of those are probably yes. There are also resolutions that show you how not to be – don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much,…

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AMC Pacer

AMC Pacer movie

January 12, 2017

Not so far from the World Headquarters of the Adventures of Captn Bob and Arlo/Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio lies the medium size town of Kenosha Wisconsin which is famous for being home to American Motors Corporation. AMC made some interesting cars. The Hornet, Gremlin and Javelin to name a few. They were odd compared to…

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Jay Leno’s Garage – 1966 Coronet

January 11, 2017
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New Show – Week to Wicked

January 10, 2017

The interwebs cannot get much cooler!!!! Check it out, a cool build show from Classic Trucks on the Hot Rod Network YouTube channel. The guys took 5 days to build a bad ass 1970 pickup.

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Music Video Monday – Hillbilly Casino

January 9, 2017

For those of you unable to attend the HillBilly Casino concert in December with Captn Bob and Arlo, here is an entire show from the 2015 Viva Las Vegas. Now let’s get some plans together so we all can meet at the 2017 Viva Las Vegas!!!! Here is the Hillbilly Casino website and their Facebook…

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Hemi Rebuild Time Lapse video

January 8, 2017

Thanks again to Hagerty for another awesome video. This time they filmed the rebuild of an early Chrysler Hemi FirePower motor. In the video description they tell us this is made up over 10 months from 40,000+ photos. Nice video guys!

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Hot Rod Drag Week

Hot Rod Drag Week 2017

January 7, 2017

Too cool – the Hot Rod Drag Week festivities have been announced. We here at Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio are proud to see our home track Great Lakes Dragway and on of our all-time favorites – Byron Dragway are both on the schedule. September 10 – Cordova International Raceway, Registration & Test-n-Tune 19425 IL-84 Cordova, IL…

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RIP Pete Chapouris

January 6, 2017

Sad news has hit the old interwebs today. Pete Chapouris has passed away. He was quite a cool cat. You can read more about him here on SoCal Arizona’s site. Pete and Jakes, the California Kid ’34 Ford, SEMA, Doan Spencer Roadster restoration, SoCal Speed Shop, etc etc. Please keep his family, friends and the SoCal…

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Friday Drive In – Terror on the Beach

January 6, 2017

Ford Econoline Camper and a Dune Buggy. Cool hip old stuff. Oh yeah, Susan Dey and Dennis Weaver. I guess we have us a movie.

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Garlits talks about Swamp Rat 8

January 5, 2017

“That thing wouldn’t do 200mph down a mine shaft”. Don Garlits telling a story about the Swamp Rat 8 while hanging out with Bruce Larson. Hard to find a photo of 8 so I pulled this from Don’s site – photo by Joseph E Adams. Click on it is to see it larger.

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ICON 46 Oldsmobile

January 4, 2017

Sound is a little bit off but otherwise this is a just another great Jonathon Ward/ICON video. This time they built up a ’46 Oldsmobile.

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Decade of Thunder

January 3, 2017

Here we have a pretty amazing video – of epic length – about hot rods and the people who love them.

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Music Video Monday – The 59’s

January 2, 2017

Love this sound, these guys rock!!! You can check out their FaceBook page here (although it has not been updated since 2015).

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