Traditional Hot Rod or is it a Rat Rod? The series Built to Last went out and asked.

A very cool series of videos produced by the popular Built to Last Channel. They went out and decided to document one of the most controversial topics in car history.

Why do so many traditional hot rodders hate Rat Rods? And why do those who build and drive the Rats love them so much? There are traditional hot rod shows that won't even let a Rat enter the grounds of the show. They have people standing outside the gate and pick what is or isn't a traditional rod.

Built to Last went out and asked a bunch of builders what their thoughts were about the topic. What is cool about this video is those that were interviewed didn't hold back.

Thanks to Built to Last for having the "balls" to go and ask. You have to check out all the other cool videos.

Check out all the videos in their series called Built to Last. 


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