Remember those warm days at the drag strip? Hot Rod Drag Week 2017

From Cordova Drag Strip, to Byron Dragway, to Great Lakes Dragaway

This video is for all the mid-west mechanics who are working in garages with little or no heat and thinking winter is just to damn long.

It was only 3 months ago - when the air was warm and everything smelled like gasoline and vulcanized rubber. That's when the Hot Rod Drag Week was held. Drag cars, pulling trailers with tools and spare parts, traveled over a 1,000 miles in 5 days. Stopping along the way long enough to drag the day away.

It's tough enough to get your dragster ready to run down the track, but when it's all over you must pack everything up in a trailer which is hitched to your dragster and then haul ass to the next event. That's right - they don't have trailer queens on this run. These cars pull the trailer.

In this video you will see several dragsters and then a lot of racing at one of nations oldest running drag strip - Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

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