Gene Winfield on the TV show “My Classic Car” with Dennis Gage

Recently you heard that Gene Winfield was in a hospital with a fractured hip while in Finland. So we thought it would be great to replay a really cool interview with Gene on TV's My Classic Car" with Dennis Gage.

Hanging out with Gene at area car shows where he is demonstrating how to chop a top is very cool. You learn a lot of stuff. Most of us know about his “faded” paint jobs and kool rides.

But for many, they don’t realize his impact with movie cars like Blade Runner, Back to the Future and more.  And most, are unaware of this engineering skills like retractable headlines like he did with his Strip Star and Reactor customs.

This video is at his shop and it demonstrates just how much he has been involved with radical designs.

Gene should be home soon to recover and for rehab thanks to hundreds of car people donating money to fund a special ambulance air craft to comfortably fly him home.

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