Friday Drive In – Disney’s Dad… Can I Borrow the Car?

Here is an oldie but a goody from the Wonderful World of Disney about the state of car culture back in 1970,¬†Disney’s Dad Can I Borrow the Car

Some awesome footage here. I really dig the way they used to make movies The abstract craziness is just groovy.

Model car kits, slot cars, soap box derby, go-karts, mini bikes – all the cool stuff is in here.

The drivers ed section is awesome – I dig that they were learning on driver simulators with a 3rd pedal. The coolest part was that the kid kept it on the road while the bikini was entering the Porsche – you’ll see…

There is section in the flick that should appeal to all of you dear readers. A shot of the newsstand of the times shows that there used to be a lot more magazines catering to all of the various ways people were enjoying cars. A beachside hill climb, 8 second front engine dragsters (they only show one pass but the footage is pretty cool – there was some steering going on to keep them things going straight). The next scene made me happy, a Porsche 906 and a Scarab cresting the hill on the front straight of my home track, Road America. Hot rod boys, keep your eyes closed while they show the figure 8 racing.

There is a pretty cool segment where they build up a fiberglass show rod like what was popular back in the day. They even take a visit to an indoor arena type car show. They show off some popular cars from the show circuit.

From there they take us through the world of customizing at that time. Painting with all of the crazy ways they were doing it back then. The section on how-to pinstripe was pretty eye-opening.

They even take a dig at the used car industry with the 5 mile or 2 minute warranty. I really dig that Kurt Russel narrated this movie and then went on to star in the movie Used Cars. Also pretty funny how a ’59 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible was considered to be a jalopy back then.

They sure don’t make them like this anymore.

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