Dick Trickle Memorial Project

The Directors of the Dick Trickle Memorial Project and hard working  volunteers are very busy planning, raising funds and doing much of the construction on a Memorial being built in honor of Dick in his home town, Rudolph Wisconsin.

Thus far the majority of the fund raising campaign has been grass roots donations from friends, fans, competitors, and other supporters of Dick.  Another source of revenue has been raffles and the sale of Dick Trickle memorabilia and apparel on our website and at many racing events and car shows.  The engineering firm’s original estimate for a turnkey Project including the larger than life size bronze statue was $360,000.  At the present time we are within $40,000 to complete the Project.  We recently received an anonymous pledge of $9,999.  To sweeten that pledge the donor will donate an additional $9,999 if the original donation is matched in any manner.  We are also auctioning many trophies from Dick’s personal collection that were donated by his family.  This auction can be found on our 4,500 member Facebook Page, “The Dick Trickle Memorial Project”.

Highlights of the Memorial are a slightly larger than life size bronze statue of Dick waving to fans like he did so often. The statue is currently in the clay form.   Behind the statue are two semi circular walls.   The wall immediately behind the statue is the Donor Wall with various sized inscriptions etched in black granite with the names and words of donors.  The size of the inscription area is determined by the dollar amount of the donation.  The Picture Wall is the second semi circular wall and displays pictures with narrative of some of the 200+ race cars that Dick drove throughout his very successful career.  These pictures will also be sponsored by donors and the size of a given picture is determined by the dollar amount of the donation.  To view a slide show of the construction progress please visit our website.  You will also find our On Line sales of apparel and other items as well as instructions and forms explaining how to make a donation.

The mission and purpose of this Memorial is to exemplify how one man overcame a serious childhood injury, set very high goals and achieved them by dedicating his life to competing in and succeeding in the world of stock car racing.


Fund raising will continue to be the main focus of the Directors of the Dick Trickle Memorial Project.  We will provide the sweat and hard work if Dick’s fans will continue to contribute the funds.  If you would like to be a part of the Memorial Project please visit our website: www.dicktricklememorialproject.com  and click on the “Be Part of the Memorial” tab.

  • Because we are affiliated with the Incourage Community Foundation of Wisconsin Rapids, our Fiscal Agent, and a 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Also please join our 4,500 members on our Facebook Group “The Dick Trickle Memorial Project”. 

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