Captn Bob’s Trike


Being a lover of anything with wheels my passions do not only belong to classic cars but also motorcycles especially Harley’s. I have owned a couple of bikes in the past from Honda’s to a Triumph but Harley is the only way to go – nothing sounds like a Harley.

This project started a few years ago when I got the bug to build another bike, this time with the help of my son-in-law Warren at JR’s Cycles. It took a lot of convincing to get Warren to help build an old school chopper trike as Warren usually only builds 2 wheel choppers, he even said “We ain’t building no F——- Trike!” and “Trikes are for old guys”, hey Warren – wake up that’s what I am!

We started with a late 40’s, early 50’s Harley Servi Car frame for the back-end and a 1978 Harley Road Street 1200 at the front. The ’78 was largely parted out with only the front half of the frame neck, backbone and shovel head motor/trans combo making the cut. Warren worked his magic welding up the frame as the foundation of my wild ride. Out front we use an old springer fork with some slightly raised handle bars along with dual stacked headlights for that old school look

With that shovel head motor providing the power (and great traditional sound) we threw the tranny in and ran a chain drive back to the Servi Car rear-end. Using old school drum brakes but wanting to be safe we had the gang at Brake Clutch and Drum Service make up some elevator shoes the provide stop pedal as needed. Two chrome reverse 15 inch rims wrapped in Coker Classic wide white walls drop all of that power onto the pavement. Kirk Topel at Hal’s Harley-Davidson provided his parts brain-power to guide us with what we needed to source from the Harley catalog.

With the mechanicals all figured out we turned our eye to the overall design. Me being a skull freak (have you ever seen my fingers? a skull ring on every finger, makes typing real fun!). My good buddy (and Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio co-host) Arlo Dillman designed up some cool artwork incorporating skulls into the gas tank. EJ Fitzgerald out at Cool Hand Customs  turned Arlo’s design into actual reality. Warren jumped in with fabricating the form for the rear fenders working in a king and queen seat so my lovely dove can ride with. Dennis at Bennett Coachworks hand laid the fiberglass on those rear fenders – reminded me of the pictures in the 60’s magazines of Big Daddy Roth hisself layin down the glass.

So we got it all finished up and on the road for some shakedown rides before the end of the nice weather in Wisconsin. With everything functioning as it should we blew the trike apart for final finish with EJ at Cool Hand laying down that psycho looking green and all of the flames and details.

With winter upon us, there are a few details remaining to be finished up and it will not be too long before I have the hard decision to make, should I drive my ’39 Sedan or my Terrible Trike on the next Adventure of Captn Bob and Arlo!


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