Captn’ Bob talks Alan Kulwicki with Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman

The very popular NASCAR podcast “Dinner With Racers” – hosted by Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman – traveled across America to learn more about Greenfield, WI native Alan Kulwicki.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio’s Captn’ Bob was interviewed for this series because he knew Alan during his successful “UnderBird” days in NASCAR. In his interview Bob talks about creating a new park in Kulwicki’s honor for winning the  1992 championship. However, as plans for the Alan Kulwicki Park were being developed – Alan died in a tragic plane crash. Bob was determined to finish the park and after 10 years of planning, land purchases, permits and national fund raising the park was finished. A pavilion house many of Alan’s trophies, winner plagues and other memorable items.

Click here to watch the video and listen to a series of podcasts talking about Alan Kulwicki. 


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