Bonus Video from Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio

WHRR recently started posting videos of the interviews you hear on the Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio show. These interviews were film at the SEMA 2018 show in Vegas.

Click here to the full Adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo Youtube channel. 

The WHRR SEMA SERIES interviews – Keep checking website’s weekly radio show schedule to learn when these interviews will air. 

Jo Coddington – American Hot Rod
Stacey David – GEARZ
Brother JD – Wrench Wars
Colby Martin – SEMA Action Network
Jo and Amanda Martin – Iron Resurrection
Dennis Gage – My Classic Car
Emily Reeves – new Velocity star and Flying Sparks Garage Youtuber
Dave Smith – Factory Five
Ira Gabriel – SEMA Vice President
Jeremy Winters – Painter Fella, Booth Talk Instagram star
Ring Brothers – Award winning builders
Jimmy Shine – TV celebrity, custom builder
Ricky – Young Gun builder
Frank Gabrillili – Battery Saver
Chris Slack – Gandrud Performance Center

Keep checking the WHRR newsletter and website to find out when they will be on the show. Don’t forget we offer the podcast version shortly after it airs on the 

This year you will be able to watch the uncut version of the interviews on our YouTube channel – “Adventures of Captn’ Bob and Arlo. The video will be posted soon after it airs on the 

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