Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio Calendar/Planner

It’s more like a day planner for car people.

And before you say – “Who uses print calendars anymore?” – let us share our results. Each year the requests for the planner keeps growing. We ship them to car show promoters who use them in their goodie bags. We ship to car clubs and the members use them to plan their club trips. We even distribute them ourselves when we make our appearances and they fly off the table.

The planner is a convenient 5 x 7 size booklets. Each spread has full month with Saturday and Sunday next to each other. With other planners the weekend is split up – Saturday on the right and Sunday on the left. Ours keeps the weekend in tack, making it easy to plan your car show weekend.

It includes a special section just for car show ads. This might be something to use if you are planning a car show in 2018.  

And it includes a special section for auto services that seems to work. We have plenty of repeat customers because they tell us that they are getting inquiries.

So – what do you think? Sound like something you could use to get the word out. Remember this calendar goes directly to car people and not cat people. (no offense)

Below is the layout and sizes for ads and car shows.

Please inquire by calling 414-215-9477 (WHRR) or email comments@wisconsinhotrodradio.com


Here is what the 2017 calendar looked like

If you want to be in next year's 2018 Calendar - the deadline is coming fast!


The finished size of the booklet is 5.5 height by 8.5 inches

You can choose from:
a full page is 5 x 7 inches

a half page is 5 x 3.5 inches

a business card is 2.5 x 3 inches

We are accepting Advertising request.

Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio
Contact Information:

email us at:

Or give us a call:
414-215-9477 (WHRR)

Or by mail:
Wisconsin Hotrod Radio, LLC
P.O. Box 20944
Milwaukee, WI, 53220


Here are just a few friends diggin'  our cool WHRR Calendar. 

Upper left is Richie and Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage.

Upper right is Bob Nieves from Wisco Manics

Lower left is custom builder Gene Winfield and Farm Truck from Street Outlaws

Lower right is famous illustrator and Velocity's newest star Max Grundy

Please thank all these great sponsors of the 2017 Calendar. And if you place an ad in the 2018 planner your business name will appear here too.

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